Board Membership

Clyde E. Hill


Childcare & Early Childhood Dev. Ed. Provider

Roberta Kinard


Family Education, Training, Support Provider

Crystal Hayward,


Parent of Preschool Child

Frances Wright,


Legislative Appointee

Kelly Bannister Social Agency Appointed
Beth Brooks Director of Elem. Ed.
Rita Crump-Saddler Family Ed. Trg, Support Provider
Lemont Glasgow Local Government
Alison Bowers Pre-K/Primary Educator
McBride, Kenneth Social Agency Appointed
Beth Bozard Healthcare Provider
Virginia Riddle Children and Early Childhood Development Ed. Provider
Rev. Johnny Mack Scurry Faith Community
Mamie Shippy Legislative Appointee
Martha Suber Legislative Appointee
Robert Summer Business Community
  Gleams Appointee
Patricia Turner Legislative Appointee
Reggie Wicker Pre-K/Primary Educator
T. Sam Ziady Appointed by County Library
Pat Caldwell Executive Director, Newberry County First Steps
Sarah Eargle Program Assistant, Newberry County First Steps